No-one has influenced my culinary experiments more than my mother. She has been an example and inspiration for much of what I cook. But not everything has come from her. What follows is a recipe for Orange Mousse which was given to me by Steve’s mum. Because it’s so easy I’ve made it on many occasions, and kids always seem to wolf it down. And if truth be told, adults seem rather partial to it too.

The quantities below feed 5-6 people. I usually make it for families with young children, and for two families I simply double the quantities.


  • 135g pack orange jelly
  • 170g evaporated milk (NB the larger tins tend to be 400g and if you’re doubling the quantities it’s fine to use a whole one; the quantiies don’t need to be that exact)
  • 300g tin mandarin segments in juice


Put the jelly in a heatproof measuring jug and dissolve it in a small volume of boiling water. Add the juice from the mandarins and then top up with cold water to reach the 500ml mark. Allow to cool until it is nearly set but can still be stirred and poured.

Spread the mandarin segments on the base of the serving dish. Whisk the evaporated milk in a mixing bowl until it  looks light and airy; it won’t go stiff but it should be able to hold plenty of bubbles. Once the jelly mixture is ready, pour it into the whisked milk and continue to whisk until you have a pale, bubbly mass. Pour this over the mandarins, cover, and chill until needed.