Tzatziki Monkeys

Adventures in the Jeffery family kitchen

What is a Tzatziki Monkey?

Everyone knows what tzatziki is – at least, everyone who’s ever been to Greece and tasted the delicious mixture of yogurt, cucumbers and garlic with a drizzle of olive oil.

But what on earth is a Tzatziki Monkey?

Allow me to tell you a story.

A long time ago, we were having lunch on holiday in Greece, eating (among other things) a large bowl of tzatziki, when one of the children (I won’t tell you which one) asked innocently, “Daddy, where does tzatziki come from?”

For some reason (to this day I could’t tell you why), I said, “Tzatziki Monkeys, of course.”

The kids’ eyes opened wide, while Nicole looked at me over the top of her glasses.

Ignoring her admonishing glances, I proceeded to explain, “The Tzatziki Monkeys live in the little room just under the restaurant, next to the swimming pool. You can’t go in there, because the door is locked – they can’t cope with interruptions. But they’re very clever monkeys, and they spend all day in there making tzatziki.”

The kids glanced at each other uncertainly.

Nicole coughed, frowned, and raised one eyebrow. She can do that – it’s very unnerving.

The conversation continued, and for several days the kids remained (pretty much) convinced that, yes, the Tzatziki Monkeys lived in that little room behind that locked door beside the swimming pool.

Occasionally they wavered in their conviction, asking uncertainly, “Daddy, are there really Tzatziki Monkeys in that little room?”

To which I replied, with impeccable logic, “Of course. There must be, otherwise where does all the tzatziki come from?”